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Professional Learning Videos

Specifically for Hebrew School Teachers and Administrators

Watch our learning videos intended to help Hebrew School Teachers engage in the classroom. 

Jake learns The 4 Questions with his Mom


Watch how easy it can be to teach students The 4 Questions, in Hebrew!




How do you address Kristallnacht and anti-semitism with your students

November 9 and 10 in 1938, is a date Jews around the world remember. Join us for a panel discussion of when to start teaching your students about this turning point in history? What do you tell them and how?

With guests:

  • Marilyn Arsham, Hebrew school teacher, addresses this question from a teacher’s perspective
  • Bernard Jacobs, MD, psychiatrist, addresses this question from a psychological perspective
  • Rabbi Sarah Freidson, addresses this question from a Jewish perspective

Moderated by Dr. Linda Silbert, Educational Consultant


Getting Ready for the Jewish Holidays

 There is much to do to prepare for the High Holidays. Involving our children in the preparation makes it even more meaningful. Join us to learn what you can do engage your students in getting ready for the New Year. 


Getting Ready for Hebrew School

Beginning a new school year is always exciting, but it is also a time of anxiety for the children. Join us to learn about some key resources and activities you can do to help your students prepare for the new year that will help calm their nerves and engage them starting on day one.