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Hooked on Hebrew (12-deck pack SAVE 10%) A134H
Hooked on Hebrew (12-deck pack SAVE 10%) A134H

Hooked on Hebrew (12-deck pack SAVE 10%) A134H

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Players learn to read Hebrew, from start to finish, beginning with alephbet all the way to Hebrew prayer fluency, all by playing popular card games with these 12 carefully designed decks.

Strong LearningTM "Hooked on Hebrew" uses a progressive method to systematically move from:

Alephbet, to
Vowels, to
One & two syllable words, to
Multisyllabic words in prayers, to
Perfect for all grades and levels. Ideal for 1-to-1, Small Groups and Classroom environments. 1 ea. of 12 decks. Ages 7 to Adult.

Hooked on Hebrew uses the Strong Learning Method, a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based phonics approach by award-winning educators Linda Silbert, Ph.D. & Alvin J. Silbert, Ed.D. and Marilyn Arsham.

Play any or all of 10+ card games, including Go-Fish, Memory, Bingo and War, with every deck. Everything is included. Click to view Easy Directions.


    C101H Hebrew Alphabet 1 (letter names, text & picture Hints)
    C101Z Hebrew Alphabet 3 (no letter names, no hints)
    C102A Hebrew Vowels 1a (text & picture Hints)
    C102C Hebrew Vowels 1c (no hints)
    C105H Hebrew Words 1 (uses vowels from Vowels 1 decks)
    C103H Hebrew Vowels 2 (no hints)
    C107H Hebrew Words 2 (uses vowels from Vowels 2 deck)
    C110H Sh'va Pattern Using Prayer Words
    C345H Shalom Aleichem & Oseh Shalom
    C344H Mi Chamocha
    C341H Sh'ma and V'Ahavta
    C342H Aleinu

    Each deck contains 52 standard size cards, 3.5 x 2.25 in. (includes 48 playing cards, directions card, list card and monster card).