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Purim Challenge

Classroom Resource for Purim

This game will be fun for your students and also a good review for vowels!

Show your students how Israelis read without vowels and then challenge them to add the vowels as they listen to you reading the sound and its meaning.  When done, let them learn from their own mistakes by your handing out the answer sheet and going over the words again together.     

Download the Game

Download the Answer Sheet


A Note to the Teacher:  The goal of this exercise is not just to learn Purim words, but also to pay attention to the vowels, by leaving the easiest vowels out.  Because some vowel sounds have multiple vowel choices, we added all the  kamatz and hataf patah vowels to the page, because it would be impossible for younger students to differentiate these sounds from the simple patah, unless they already know the word's spelling (or are taught with Ashkenazi pronunciation).    By including these vowels, it gives students a chance to focus on just a few for writing, but they get a chance to see and hear the other vowels included.  We also added most sh’vas,  and we added the patah in Mishloah, so that it gives you the teaching opportunity to reinforce this exception later, without confusing the early learner in the game.

For "non-Ashkenazi" readers, there is also an interesting “teaching moment” for the older students, if you choose.  You can ask, "Why do we pronounce Mordecai's name with a long 'o' when the vowel is a Kamatz?"  Reason: When a letter with a Kamatz vowel is followed by a letter with a Sh’va,  the Kamatz vowel sound becomes the long “o” sound.

Please contact us with your questions or comments.  We love hearing from you!  Happy Purim!